BuzzKil Body Insulation/Sound Deadener Mat, Gray, one roll

BuzzKil  Body Insulation/Sound Deadener Mat, Gray, one roll
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Price $99.95
  • Eliminates Rattles, Outside Noise & Heat For Less Than Half The Cost Of The Name-Brands
  • BuzzKil = $3 sq/ft.  Brand D = $4 sq/ft. Brand H = $6 sq/ft.
  • Easy To Install - Just Peel & Stick
  • Each Roll Is 12" Wide x 402" Long - 33.5 Square Feet!
  • Heavy Duty 45 mil 5-Layer Construction = Gray "Hide-Em" Topcoat, Aluminum Composite Heat & Sound Barrier, Multiple Polymer Sheet Layers, Heavy Rubberized Self-Adhesive Base Layer, Protective Release Liner
  • Painted Gray Which Hides Well In Areas Where Carpet Does Not Cover - Unlike Shiny Aluminum Sound Deadeners That Look Like A Mirror On Your Floor
  • Gray Topcoat May Be Painted Body Or Floor Color Once Installed
  • Easy To Cut With Scissors Or Utility Knife
  • Easy To Form Into Shape Around Floor Grooves & Bumps
  • We Recommend 3 Rolls For Coupes & Sedans
  • We Recommend 2 Rolls For Convertibles
  • We Recommend 1 Roll For A Complete Floor Pan
  • We Recommend 4 Rolls For Station Wagon
  • We Recommend 1 Roll To Complete The Trunk Floor And Walls

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