1955-1957 CHEVY TRACTION BARS - Adjustable - Pair, New

1955-1957 CHEVY TRACTION BARS - Adjustable - Pair, New
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  • Condition: New
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These are our ADJUSTABLE Traction Bars for Chevrolet Passenger Cars. All new setup, works great. Adjustable, no welding (some shock plates may require minor modifications), grade 8 bolts and mild steel. Made in the USA. Here is some info on them: .... Adjust these to the same length from eye to eye from your front spring eye bolt to the center of the rear axle tie bolt...Therefore they work like a 4-link suspension.... When you install this set (start) all the bolts and then put the weight on the tire and then torque them down.... Do not tighten the bolt with the weight off the tires.... You MUST make sure that your Rear Axle and Pinion Rubber Bumpers (Danchuk #861-Upper, #862-Lower) are new or in good condition. They mount on the rear axle bumper retainers (Danchuk #2255).... The Adjustable bars you can preload the rear axle to drag race by putting weight in the rear trunk and then adjusting the bars shorter and then remove the weight and you will have the rear axle preloaded for drag racing.  One Pair. Let us know BEFORE purchsing if you have modified the Rear end or the Rear springs in ANY way.


Ford 9" Rear Ends:


You will need to run the rubber bumpers (Snubbers) so it is not metal to metal.


These traction bars work good if you have the rubber bumpers (Snubbers) on your car.


You need to have the ford pinion extension to reach the rubber bumper (Snubber) over the drive shaft and need to use the rubber bumpers (Snubbers) over the axle housing to frame.




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