1955-1957 CHEVY RACK & PINION STEERING, Tubular Bracket, Deluxe

1955-1957 CHEVY RACK & PINION STEERING, Tubular Bracket, Deluxe
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Our deluxe kit for Tilt columns with 3/4DD setups.

Made in the USA.


This Rack and Pinion unit will work in 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy passenger cars.

If your current engine in your car allows your NON-Modified, STOCK steering to clear then our Rack and Pinion Unit will clear as well.

We do NOT recommend using wide/over-sized tires on your Tri-Five Chevy as this affects it's steering in a negative way. 

Our setup is for cars with stock spindles.   

If you have non-stock (original) spindles please let us know BEFORE purchasing.

If you have a Front Disc Brake setup let us know that as well as you may need to purchase spacers from us.

We like to sell the rack set up as a unit so people do not have problems with the turning. It is very important to have the correct steering knuckles.

This kit comes with:

Power Steering Hoses (pressure and return hoses - our part number ST0022)

Steering Joints and Shafts for Tilt Column with 3/4DD fitting - Our Part number ST0020

New right and left steering knuckles with hardware (shorter than stock ones, for correct turning radius).

2 New Adjusting Sleeves.

2 New Outer Tie Rods.

2 New Inner Tie Rods shortened and threaded.

Rack bracket. (either Tubular or Standard)(Both Black Powder coated).

Power Rack and Pinion.

All the mounting bolts, nuts, and washers...The unit is all bolted together for you to install.... *****With all the mounting bolts where they should be ( not just in a bag ).

The U-Joint is a 17mm DD to Rack.

For SBC: You will need to use Headers for Rack and Pinion setups (like Headman Headers #68278) or 1967 to 1970 Camaro, the long slant back type. You can also use Slant Back Ram Horn Manifolds (on the driver’s side).

Note For manual Transmissions:  if you want to use headers you must us a hydraulic clutch setup, or you can still use the Z-Bar (stock) clutch setup with the slant back ram horn manifold.

For BBC: You will need headers for Rack and Pinion setups (like the ones from Speedway - Tight Tuck, Block Hugger Clipster #9300102H). You will also need to use an Oil Pan from a 1965 Chevy Passenger Car with a Big Block (like Summit Racing part number SUM-G3510X, and the Oil Pickup Tube and Gasket). Other modified (racing) oil pans may or may NOT work with our rack.

Our Rack and Pinion set up WILL work with Drop Spindles that do NOT have the Steering Arms cast on the spindles. We sell and recommend Mike McGaughy Drop Spindles part #5557.... Our Rack and Pinion will NOT work with Drop Spindles that have the Steering Arms Cast on the Spindles (like the ones for S-10 pickup spindles).

It is a rear steer just like the original steering. It sits behind the front cross-member and has about the same clearance as the front cross-member as well.

We also have the Power Steering Pump, Pulley and Bracket #ST0021 (see below in related items).

This unit works Great and is easy to install.

Installation is as easy as possible. The Rack & Pinion is mounted to our brackets using the provided hardware and the unit mounts in the stock holes from the factory steering system: The Bracket mounts to the drivers side using the same three bolt holes as the factory steering box and the bracket mounts to the passenger side using the two bolt holes for the idler-arm.

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